ADOPTS, STERILIZES, PROTECTS with Escape Proof Dag Crates

Dog SOS Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping sanctuaries, shelters, and animal rescuers to control animal overpopulation through sterilization and raise awareness about the good treatment of animals in PR.

There are around 300 thousand real endangered dogs and cats throughout the USA and little is being done at the government level to eradicate this problem, which makes it one of the main problems that affect not only our quality of life, but our image before the world for escape proof dog crates.

Join our group of friends and contribute! Your donation is very important! Say NO to animal abuse!


Since 2010, Roselyn Sánchez has been a sponsor and spokesperson for our organization, educating through public service campaigns in television commercials, radio, and fundraising activities.

roselyns recommendation of escape proof dog crates


Pet SOS was established in February 2010 and has a board of directors, committed to helping, today it is composed of: Lizette Díaz, Iván Santiago, Nani Robles, Viviana Rivera and Erika Alvarado.

The main objectives of our activities are to educate the public about animal control, raise funds to help private shelters and rescuers throughout the island, and raise awareness about the compassionate treatment of pets. Click on the photo for the event calendar.