Adopt a dog

Fox- Tikoso

Approximately 3 years old, Zorro is looking for a home full of love that concerns his happiness. He is dewormed, vaccinated and neutered and can share with children and other dogs without any problem.

TOBI- ELBOW SLEEVES Tobi- Elbow Sleeves

He is approximately 2-3 years old. This handsome three-legged toddler weighs 13 lbs. and he was rescued in Humacao on 12-26-2015 with one of his paws crushed by the bite of another dog bigger than him. He is a loving, playful, active boy, he loves to be rubbed, carried and given a lot of love.


3 months Rescued by a cyclist at a crossing between Roberto Clemente and Fragoso in Carolina.

GEORGE FARMER- THE LIGHTHOUSE George Farmer- The Lighthouse

4 months – was delivered by a child to our veterinary technician who told him that his mother does not allow him to have dogs. George was all peeled as if he had been dragged.

ROCIO- SAN FRANCISCO DE ASIS Rocio – San Francisco de Asis

Rocío was abandoned inside a sack that they tied to the gate of the Sanctuary. She was barely a puppy and was skinny and undernourished. She has participated in many adoption fairs and a family adopted her and moved from the country and returned her. She is about 3 years old, sociable, loving, active, gets along with dogs and her hobby is redecorating patios. She is vaccinated, operated, dewormed and in preventive.

DIANNE- THE LIGHTHOUSE Dianne- The Lighthouse

3yrs approximately. Abandoned baby in a litter. She was adopted by a married couple with her brother Jack 2 years ago, but they were returned to the Sanctuary about a month ago.

CHERYL- GOD’S ANIMALS Cheryl- Little Animals of God

Cheryl and her siblings are 7 Puppies rescued near the Cupey Barracks by an agent from the Barracks as they had been abandoned there, one of them with open wounds on their legs and face, recovered and healthy, ready for adoption.

DRACO-TIKOSO Draco- Tikoso

I’m going to be big (Great Dane mix) and beautiful! I need a patio to run and play because I love it !! and why not? A LITTLE BROTHER to be your playmate!

HOPE- TIKOSO Hope- The Lighthouse

Approximately 3 months old, rescued with his siblings, litter of 4 puppies.

MAYDAY- ALLIANCE PRO RESCUEMayday- Pro Rescue Alliance

Must be approximately 2 years old. It is part of the Alianza Pro Rescate Animals Organization!

Vivi-Alliance Vivi- Pro Rescue Alliance

VIVI like Mayday is part of Alianza Pro Rescate Animales and is on show!
allianceprorescateanimales @


About 2 years old, she appeared with a necklace at the house of a friend from the Lighthouse and stayed there looking for a home and food.

Wicho- Canita Wicho- Canita Sanctuary

WICHO is one of the Senior Dogs for adoption. He is almost 7 years old and has lived all his life in Santuario Canita. It is beautiful and deserves to spend the last years of your life in the warmth of a home that loves you. He is a wonderful and healthy dog.

CANELA- CANITA Canela- Canita Sanctuary

Like Wicho, Canela is our 8 year old Senior girl. She also lives in Santuario Canita and is ready to fill a house of love for her years of experience

Terra-San Francisco de Asis Terra- San Francisco de Asis

TERRA is 3 and a half months old and is in the San Francisco De Asís Sanctuary! She is our 3rd candidate for Chulo / a Puppy of the Year!

Astor- Lazaro Sanctuary Astor- Lazaro Sanctuary

ASTOR is 1 year old. It is in Sanctuary Lázaro!

Gio- Gio

GIO is a baby probably 10 weeks old. He is one of the baby dogs in the sack ”. He is cared for by his rescuers at Animals In Adoption.

Beauty- Luving Paws Beauty- Little Animals of God

BEAUTY must be approximately 3 years old. It is part of the Animalitos De Dios Organization.

Rocco- OicaRocco- OICA

ROCCO is 2 years old with one blue and one brown eye! He lives at the Hotel Manada De Trujillo Alto. or call 787 403-9004.