Dog SOS continues its commitment to sanctuaries and animal rescuers

Roselyn S├ínchez, spokesperson for DOG SOS, visited USA with a plan to see improvements to the organization’s physical plant, made thanks to the donation of funds raised in the Amazing Paw Paw Race that Pet SOS carried out last year . Among the works that have been completed with the donated funds are the installation of plumbing systems, the purchase of lamps and the lighting system, and the installation of the electrical system among other details.

In addition, Pet SOS met with the Mayor of LA, Marcelo Trujillo-Smith, in order to support the Animal Lighthouse in terms of road and gutter improvement projects, which are already in process.

Pet SOS selected dogs as the beneficiary of its donation after a strict and meticulous process, which included the presentation of an explanatory plan for improvements to its physical facilities, including the approval of its administrators, a schematic architectural plan signed by the professionals in charge of project construction, a preliminary cost estimate, projected start date, and project end date. All the improvements included are directed to the welfare of the pets, and must comply with the requirements of the law. The Animal Lighthouse plans to begin operations in the new building this summer.

The Pet SOS Foundation is committed to supporting and helping in the fight to rescue and provide wellness to the thousands of pets on the streets. In addition, its objective is to educate the people to promote adoption, sterilization and genuinely raise awareness about the good treatment of animals.

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